The Guys

In early 2004 there was a group of fellows who all attended the Presbyterian Church in Wardsville. Kevin Alderton was the organist, Richard Crum and Don and Hugh Nisbet were in the choir, and we're pretty sure that Don Nisbet layed the cornerstone of the church. Well the ladies in the choir decided that they wanted a day off, so these fellows got together to work on some special music for the church anniversary. They had so much fun doing it that they decided they could share their talents with more than just their church brethern. They soon recruited Jerry Vandenbrink to sing bass, and named themselves The Five Guys.

As time passed, they built up their repitoire as well as their following, and became one of the most popular choices for church anniversaries. The Rotary Club, Kiwanis, and other community organizations in the area heard them and invited them to perform at special events and fund raisers.

It seemed a shame to have such a fantastic pianist as Kevin in the group and not make use of his nimble fingers, so they added a few pieces to the listings that included accompaniment (though they still claim to be a capella).

Don has now admitted that he is no longer a spring chicken, though he still does more each day than most men half his age, but in early 2007 he decided to leave the group. Greg Simpson was recruited to fill his baritone shoes, and thankfully Don stayed on for a while to bring 'the kid' up to speed on the existing repertoire.

Hugh and his wife moved to Dorchester, and eventually the commute every week for practice became a bit too much, and he has also stepped out. Early in 2008 John-David MacTavish joined to bring us up to our advertised "Five" Guys again.

Jerry decided 2013 would be his final year with the group. It has been great having him hold up the bottom of the group. We've had a lot of laughs with Jerry - and at Jerry - over the years and he has been a great sport about it all. Friday evenings just won't be the same if were not all leaning on the table in his garage.  In January of 2014 Kevin Gibson slipped into that basement position. Looking forward to having some fun times with him also. 

In April of 2014 "The Guys" were invited back to where it all began, singing in the same church where the group was formed 10 YEARS prior. Though some faces and names have changed since the group's humble beginnings, their priority of spreading the Gospel of Christ has not. We will see what God has planned for them in the NEXT 10 YEARS. 

Kevin Alderton - Tenor/Alto

Kevin Alderton

Though he would never admit it, Kevin is the leader of the group. His musical knowledge is second to none, and his vocal range means that he can help us all out with harmonies while learning new pieces. Along with leading us, he also records the accompaniments that we use. A farmer from outside Wardsville, Kevin's passion is music, and he also teaches piano to many of the local children.

Richard Crum - Tenor

Richard Crum

When we've got notes up in the stratosphere, Richard is the one who rises to the challenge. His sweet, gentle tenor voice has graced many church choirs and stages since he was a kid. Most recently he has been seen on stage with the Ridge Players in Guys and Dolls and Jesus Christ Superstar. Thankfully playing our Lord Jesus hasn't gone to his head!

John-David MacTavish - Tenor

John-David MacTavishOur most recent and most distant member, John-David hails from the Kilmartin region. He brings a life-time of singing and music-making experience, including playing gigs all over Canada in his youth. Currently he's a farmer, works at Kucera Utility and Farm Supply, and is very involved in tractor-pulling all over Ontario. We're not sure how or where, but he must manufacture his own time to fit it all in!

Greg Simpson - Baritone

Greg SimpsonThe youngest in the group, Greg comes to us with a history of church choirs and musical theatre under his belt. If we can only get him to loosen up on stage, he'll be just fine.  Greg splits his time between his family, his software development consultantancy, and being the Pastor of Calvary United Church in Rodney.

Kevin Gibson - Bass

Jerry Vandenbrink

Kevin has slid into the recently vacated bass postion with ease. AND he has knocked Greg out of the "youngest of the group" spot. Kevin brings to the group a long musical background. He is currently attending the music program at Western University. He is the music director at the Wardsville Presbyterian Church and in his "spare time" he enjoys composing music at the piano. You will fit in quite nicely Kevin.

Jerry Vandenbrink - Bass

Every group needs a foundation, and we're glad to have had Jerry singing in the basement with us for so many years. But in December 2013 Jerry "retired" from the group. We enjoyed our times together and will miss those smooth low notes that none of us could possibly imagine hitting.

Don Nisbet - Baritone and Hugh Nisbet - Tenor/Lead

Don and Hugh Nisbet from Wardsville were founding members of our group and have since retired. We owe them a debt of gratitude for helping us launch the group and miss their camaraderie.