About Us

The Five Guys are a little different from other performers that you may have seen or heard. This is not a full-time occupation for any of us, we all have occupations outside the music industry. We are all here because we love to sing, and love to praise God. We are not in this to make money, and as such we donate anything we do make to causes that we feel need our help.

We financed the production of our CD with money we made from performances over several years, and are using the proceeds from CD sales to go toward charities. When we sell CD at an event, 25% of the sale goes right back to the venue, whether it's a church or a fundraiser. Another 25% of the proceeds of CD sales go to charity.

We have donated to various groups in the past, including Food Grains, Gideons, Samaratan's Purse, among others.